Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Baby!

Well, this is a little overdue (kind of like the baby)but here it is:

Steffen Levi
Born September 30, 2009, 6:58 PM
8 lbs 4 oz, 21.5 inches

I had really wanted him to be born in September, because now the kids' birthdays line up Jan, Feb, March and Aug, Sept, Oct. Isn't that cute? Anyway, Steffen just barely accomodated my whim.

We now have 5- count them- 5 boys. Our house will never, ever be quiet, that's for sure. And we wouldn't have it any other way. Megan and I will have our hands full keeping up with all of them.

Steffen is a pretty good baby. Adorable, of course, and he likes to be held a lot. He thinks he should either be eating or snuggled up to Mommy. He's settling in nicely now- three weeks old today! It's amazing how fast the time goes.

For those of you who may have gotten our first e-mails or phone calls, you'll notice that we've changed the spelling of his name. No one could seem to figure out how to pronounce it, and we didn't want him to spend the rest of his life having to explain it. So, it's not Steven, nor Ste-fawn, but just Steffen- both short "e"s.

All of the kids love him dearly, but Carsten and Justin have been the most fun to watch. They are just enamored by him. Every night, they want to know if he's big enough to sleep in their room. Justin holds him every day, and he says that Steffen is HIS baby, not anyone else's. Carsten calls him "MoMo"- no idea where that came from- and he thinks MoMo should never cry. He comes and gets us the second Steffen lets out a peep.