Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going Local

Today, we stuck close to home and let the kids see some of Bruchmuehlbach where Mommy grew up! First stop: Mommy’s house. It looks nothing like it did when I was little! The changes are actually a vast improvement, but since everything else was so much the same, it was a bit of a shock.

Next stop: The Elendsklam. This is a beautiful hike that we used to take regularly. My back was unfortunately not up to making the entire trek, but the kids had fun just the same. They’ve never gotten to be in real woods before!
The kids went about three times as far as the rest of us, darting up the road and coming back, climbing the hills beside the path, and making all sorts of discoveries.

They even found some wild raspberries.

Steffen helped Daddy with the video.

We took time out for some group shots too.

Finally: We went up to Nanstein Castle in Landstuhl. It’s just a few minutes from home, and although there are probably more impressive castles out there, this one is great for kids. There are very few people, and they were able to run and climb everywhere.

Steffen kept his guidebook handy.

You’ll notice that these pictures show the BACKS of the children. That’s because we big people were always a step behind. They were SO excited.

This evening, Bryan and I got to go out for dinner by ourselves! We haven’t done that in months, and it was so much fun. We really enjoyed it, and the kids had fun at home with Tante Tina and Mutti and Sara while we were gone.