Saturday, December 27, 2008


This week has been a comedy of errors, but sometimes the best times are also the craziest. Our good friends, Jason and Jessica, welcomed their third little one, Leeland, into the world. Isn't he cute? 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches.
Their other two kids hung out with us while they waited for the new little guy. The kids had a lot of fun, but unfortunately, they all decided it would be good to get a stomach bug too. They're dropping like flies, one at a time. I'm washing and bleaching and Lysoling and wishing we had two washing machines. At any rate, we're just hoping the new baby doesn't catch anything, and that his parents steer clear of it too. Adults seem safe so far.

We were supposed to take dinner to share with the new parents on Thursday evening, but just as we were turning the corner to their house, Justin got sick. Evan was in the car seat next to him saying, "Get me out of the car, Mommy, get me out of the car right now." Anyway, so much for our pleasant "meet the baby" time. As you can see, Justin is missing from the picture. He's standing in their bathroom getting hosed down. We left as soon as we could.

The two older boys were next (Carsten had his turn earlier in the week.) They were up during the night, so we just sort of sacked out in front of TV and watched The Love Bug today. They love Herbie, especially Nathan, our car fanatic.
I think we may be past all of this, although Megan hasn't caught anything yet. We're definitely staying home from church tomorrow in an attempt to keep all of these germs safely to ourselves.

At any rate, we're hoping to get to welcome baby Leeland properly once all of this settles down. The kids fell in love with him in just the few minutes we were over there. They couldn't believe how little he was. They're already angling for another sister (or brother). Evan says he will ask God in a "smallish voice, because God listens to a still, smallish voice." :-)

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