Saturday, March 28, 2009

Justin's Birthday

Justin turned 3 on March 15th, and, of course, he had to have a "cow and horse" party. We sort of combined his favorite cowboy and farm themes. We had "Mean Cow Chili" and cornbread for dinner.

(Quick background on Mean Cow Chili: Justin loves cows. A couple of months ago, we passed a steakhouse that has big Longhorns on its property. Nathan said, "Hey, I bet those are the cows they use for steaks!" Justin said, "No, we don't eat cows. I would be really mad!!" So, Megan, ever the peacemaker, told him we only eat the "mean cows." That made him happy. Hence, any beef must come only from the meanest of bad-guy cows.)

Justin had a great time. The third birthday is always fun because it's the first one where they really understand the whole birthday celebration. His Oma and Opa bought him a full cowboy set up, complete with guns and hobby horse, and he couldn't have been happier.

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