Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad Dreams

Our boys are always chasing and being chased by "bad guys." And, of course, Megan plays right along with them. The only problem is that Megan's active imagination causes these same bad guys to chase her in her dreams.

These "bad guy dreams" were disturbing her sleep, so Bryan prayed for her during our family devotion time right before bed. The next evening, Megan was very excited that she had not had any bad dreams at all. Justin, listening to her little testimony, said, "I have bad guy dreams." So Bryan proceeded to pray for him too.

The next night, as Bryan was tucking Justin in bed, Justin said, "I still have bad guy dreams." Well, of course, Bryan immediately prayed for him again, and when he opened his eyes, Justin was looking at him with a very disappointed expression. "Daddy," he said seriously, "I LIKE bad guy dreams."

All depends on how you look at things, I guess.

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