Saturday, November 28, 2009

Steffen's First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! (Those are Steffen's little feet- Gobble, Gobble! ;-)We celebrated this year with Bryan's family. They came over to our house and we all enjoyed a lot of food and some really great weather. The kids got to play outside almost all day.

Steffen was a very good baby, although he made sure that he got his "feasts" every two hours as usual. He weighs 13 pounds now, but he's still working on that third chin. He's quite the Mama's Boy. I haven't had one quite so insistent at such a young age about being held by Mommy. I'm not complaining! I know by now that it will be no time at all before he'll be following Daddy all over the place with barely a thought as to what Mommy might be doing. So I'll enjoy this brief time when he only has eyes for me!

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