Thursday, February 11, 2010


Since it is ever so much more fun to blog about laundry than to actually do it...

Our laundry is endless. This is, in fact, a true statement, because at any given moment, clothes are either in the washer, dryer, hamper, or on bodies just waiting to be put in the washer, dryer or hamper. Usually, there are clothes in all four places. Truthfully, the hampers are winning the "most clothes" contest.

Now, not all of these clothes in the hamper are dirty. Many are washed and just waiting, very patiently, to be folded. Herein lies the problem. Clothes are patient. They just wait, quietly, without any fanfare until someone needs them. They know that they are needed, so they don't make a fuss. Because of this, they get overlooked. Now, if clothes whined and demanded attention, they'd be folded and put away promptly.

Back many, many long ages ago, when I only had 2 children, I ran across a message board devoted to large families. One of the questions posed was this: What do you do if you haven't sorted socks in awhile? Isn't that silly? What kind of a question is that? You just sort them and put them in the drawers by the neatly folded underwear and PJs. Now, though, I know. I know all about that question. And I have the answer: Let them sit in a basket and everyone can just grab two of the same (relatively same) color.

Of course, this isn't a REAL answer, but it is the current "system" in place at our house. It doesn't stay like that, I assure you. It goes in cycles. I get them sorted and folded and put away. (I have long since given up on putting socks in drawers- they go in a bin by the shoes and all the kids guess at which ones fit.) Then, more socks appear out of nowhere and invade the laundry room once again. Now, before you get judgmental, please remember that our family can go through 98 socks in a week. (You can check my math!) And that doesn't include the kids taking off their socks and losing them somewhere in the house, thus necessitating the wearing of a new pair.

Well, that's plenty of blogging about laundry. Now, I must go and fold 8- yes 8- loads of laundry.

And I still won't have finished it all...

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