Saturday, November 20, 2010

Carsten's Birthday

Carsten turned 3! His personality is really starting to blossom. He is a very hard worker. He loves to haul heavy things in from the car to help Mommy. We call him our little lumberjack. Carsten also has a very firm sense of how things should be. He doesn't like to deviate from his determined path. He and Justin are best buds, and Carsten hangs on every word Justin says.

For his birthday, I had assumed that we would do a Spiderman theme. Carsten has like Spiderman ever since he turned two and got his first "real" underwear. They had Spiderman and friends on them, and he was hooked. "Spiderman" was one of his first words. Imagine my surprise when I started planning his birthday, and he announced, with great emphasis, "I NOT have a Spiderman birthday. I want lots and lots of Ele's." Ele is his stuffed elephant that he sleeps with.

Hmmm, lots and lots of Ele's. Carsten does love elephants. When we took him to the zoo awhile back, he just sat there in front of the elephant's enclosure completely silent. Then he said, in that little low, husky voice that just melts my heart, "That's mine."

I couldn't decide on how to implement the Lots of Ele's theme. I sent out a cute elephant picture for his invitation, and then I hit on the idea of cupcakes with little elephants on top. I figured I could make them out of marzipan. Of course, I wasn't thinking about how LONG it would take to do all of them, but I managed, just barely, to have them done before the party.

We weren't sure how he was going to handle all the attention at his party. He goes to great lengths to avoid being the center of attention. He was VERY embarrassed to have to open his gifts, but he was polite, he said, "Thank you," very quietly, in a sort of monotone, after each one.

He was happy about his party, though. Afterward, he said he had a good time. I still can't be believe he's three!

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Amy said...

Love this post! He is SO CUTE -- looks like such a Bain to me with his little teeth! And your handiwork on the Ele's is awesome to behold. I love marzipan. How did you make it grey?