Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Two Little Men

Steffen loves "Austin Baby," as he calls him. He is fascinated by everything Austin does. At first, he was a little upset that his place on center stage had been occupied by a newcomer, but he has come to terms with his new role as big brother.

Steffen talks ALL the time. Lately, he's started adding phrases like "by the way" and "actually." "By the way, Daddy is at work." He likes music- especially Peter and the Wolf and hymns like Holy, Holy, Holy. He sings as he runs around the house. He is so full of energy, and we're hard-pressed to keep up with him. He shares a room with Megan (May-day, according to Steffen) and the two of them have a special relationship. We all know that when it gets too quiet, we'd better go and hunt for Steffen. Usually, he can be found playing with the Ipad or Iphone, carefully selecting which music he wants to listen to. All this activity can really wear a little guy out!

Austin is the happiest baby we've ever had. We keep him close by, either in Mommy or Nathan or Megan's arms, or in his bouncy seat. He loves taking baths.

He also loves taking walks. He can stay awake the whole time, just looking around and enjoying the scenery.

Austin really enjoys people. As soon as anyone starts to talk to him, he just stares straight at them and starts cooing and smiling.

Most of all, Austin loves his Mommy. And his Mommy loves him too!

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