Friday, November 23, 2012


It's official: Austin is big.

At least he thinks he is.  Just one of the guys.

Bryan used to rate the kids based on what he called their "cuteness factor." Dancing to music, for example, has a high cuteness factor; screaming in the supermarket, a very low cuteness factor.  Austin's cuteness factor is very high right now.  One of the main variables in this rating is that he is really sooo little!  He's smaller than any of the other boys were at his age, and yet, he acts like he's the biggest in the bunch.

He loves to go outside and just do whatever the older kids are doing.

Of course, when you have five older brothers, you sometimes get squashed.

He doesn't let that slow him down for even a minute.

Austin is quite a talker too.  Of course, none of us speak Austinian, so we can't understand him, but he gives whole speeches in his own little language.  The only English he speaks is "uh-oh" and "go!"

And go he does.  He never stops moving.  He even lends a hand with Lego building. 

And the big kids help him out too.   (Blurry pics, I know.  Just trying to stay far enough away to not interrupt the brother dynamic.)

But being big is hard work.  Wears a little guy out!

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