Thursday, June 20, 2013


"Ah, I love to take naps."

That was Carsten.  He is one of those charmed children who relishes the opportunity to curl up with a blanket and snooze for a little bit in the afternoon.  He was a fantastic sleeper when he was a baby, and he still is today.

Of course, the reason that he, at five and a half, still wants to take an afternoon nap, probably has something to do with the fact that he rooms with two non-sleepers.  Justin and Steffen are TERRIBLE sleepers and always have been.  I must confess, before Justin was born, I thought I had the "getting kids to sleep" thing down.  Nathan never would nap, even when he was a very little baby, but he made up for it by crashing for a good 12 hours at night.  Megan and Evan slept well.  Then, along came Justin.  He had more energy than the other three kids combined, and pretty much ran round the clock.  As soon as he figured out how, (at three!) he would climb out the window at naptime and go play outside.  Even now, he's up till late at night and up again early in the morning.

Steffen is much the same way.  He is NOT sleepy.  He does NOT need a nap.  He does NOT need to go to bed at night.  Ever.

Not sleepy on the chair...

Not sleepy in the car...

Not sleepy on the stairs...

Never.  Ever.  Sleepy.

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