Monday, July 13, 2015

The Fourth

The day after we got back from the beach was the Fourth.  The kids love to go to the city park and see fireworks.  This year, my family was planning on coming as well, so I ignored my post-beach tiredness (and pre-race nerves- more on that later) and said we'd go see them.

We decided to picnic at the park.  My mom brought these great glow stick bracelets that kept everyone entertained while we waited for it to get dark enough for fireworks.

They were worth the wait!  Nothing says Independence Day like fireworks.

Austin decided to sit on Opa's lap.  He was a little concerned about the fireworks and kept asking who was setting them off.  Were they using two hands?  How far away were they?  He then told me, "Mom, don't go over there.  It's dange-wus!"  I told him I'd stay put.

Getting out of the parking lot at the end was an adventure all its own.  (There HAS to be a better way!)  

But the kids were so happy to have seen the show that it made it worth it.


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