Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Nathan turned 7! I can't believe we have a 7 year old already. They just grow up too fast. We've had a serious battle with the flu over the last couple of weeks. Every single one of us got it and it basically took us out of commission for two solid weeks. Nathan's birthday party had to be delayed, but he was a real trooper about it, and the party was a lot of fun.

Nathan invited all of his buddies- there were about ten kids his age and about six or so littler kids. He loves Legos, so that was his theme this year. The kids guessed how many Legos were in a jar (133: we had guesses that ranged from 2 to 1007), did a Lego relay, and took some shots at a Lego man pinata.

I found a Lego ice cube mold so we had colored Lego bricks to go in Sprite. That was actually the biggest attraction of the evening. Each child picked a couple of colors and then watched the Sprite turn colors.

The party was in the evening, so it was dark when we did the pinata. One of our friends turned the lights on his pickup on and then all of the kids got to have a flashlight. (They were so excited that they got to keep the flashlights.) The Lego man ended up a lot bigger than we had envisioned, so it sort of looked like a dwarf was swinging from our tree. We had the first Lego figure lynching, I guess. At any rate, the kids certainly seemed to have a fantastic time.


Jessica said...

We are so sorry that we missed it :o(
I loved the cake and the lego ice're so creative! I'm going to take another stab at a homemade cake for Lilly's birthday. A princess Castle...wish me luck! We miss you!

zerry ht said...

Birthday eve for kids is fun and frolic with friends, cake, games etc. Happened something differently with my younger sibling. His birthday and singing competition was on same day. Went to one of spacious home studios NYC to cheer him up for his big day. It was an unforgettable day.