Friday, January 9, 2009

Probably Evan: Justin and the Blame Game

Well, Justin is 2 and very mischevious. He is, quite literally, into everything and he's very impulsive. The other day he ran past me in the kitchen and next thing I know, he's sprawled out across the top of the washer, just laying there. I have no idea why. He's like that- he just does things that must make sense to him on some level, but they certainly don't make any sense to me. (If that story's not convincing enough, I've also found him climbing up the hood of Bryan's car to the sun roof. Instead of the usual cat paw prints, Bryan actually had little barefoot Justin prints on his windshield.)

At any rate, because of his nature, most of the things that happen in the house can eventually be traced back to him. Now, for my other kids at this age, they weren't savvy enough to really lie to get themselves out of trouble. That came later. Justin, on the other hand, is already perfecting the finger-pointing art. If something goes wrong, Justin, before I've even had time to demand an explanation, is pleading his innocence. "I didn't do that. SOMEONE did." "Someone," I think, is Justin's alter ego. If I ask for more details, as in, "Who is someone?" Justin's reply is invariably, "Probably Evan."

So, our conversations go something like this: Two keys are missing from the laptop keyboard. Justin says, "Oh no! Look at that. SOMEONE did that. Not me. Probably Evan." The greatest comment came from him yesterday. He had wet his pants. "Justin, did you wet your pants?" "No, not me. SOMEONE wet them." "Someone wet your pants for you." "Yes, probably Evan." And then he flashes his little impish grin and throws his arms around me for a hug. "You silly, Mommy."

Yes, almost as silly as trying to blame THAT on SOMEONE.

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the voice of melody said...

Your kids are all so cute! Sounds like you have your hands full with these little blessings. :)