Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Carsten the Invincible

Carsten is not a baby anymore. At 15 months, he is, most decidedly, a toddler- or a “todd” as his brothers and sister are fond of saying. Because he is a “todd,” he gets into everything. Now, he has, of course, been pulling things out of cabinets for awhile. This is different. In the last month, he has mastered both the art of moving and climbing up on chairs AND opening all the doors- even the ones that go outside.

And so, overnight, he has become “Carsten the Invincible.” He runs outside to get on his little car and go riding around the driveway. (Fortunately, our house has an alarm, so the doors beep when they’re opened.) He can get into all the bathrooms and unroll toilet paper or squeeze shampoo bottles. Worst of all, he can get to the kitchen countertops and drawers. I’ve had to move the knives and other things away. In the picture, he has gotten several small tools out of the junk drawer. You’ll notice in the picture that he looks as if he’s going to close the drawer. That’s what he does when I catch him. He just quietly puts whatever he has back- or hands it to me- and then gets down and plots his next adventure.

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