Friday, February 6, 2009

Funny Things

Here are a few random funny things that the kids have said lately:

Nathan: He was trying to memorize a particularly long Bible verse, and he finally said in frustration, "Mommy, I don't have enough memory! This verse is taking up a whole gig."

Justin: Justin is our passionate and impulsive one. He was mad because I told him he couldn't do something, so he shouted out, "Bad Mommy!" I went to him and told him very directly, "Justin, you are not to say, 'Bad Mommy' or 'I don't like you.'" He looked at me with this hurt and imploring expression and said, "You no like me, Mommy?" Of course, we all just cracked up and explained it to him. Now, he's been saying, "I like you, Mommy," many times a day since then.

Megan: Seeing some candy on the counter, Megan said, "I'd better move that so that Justin isn't temp-a-tated."

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Tante Tina said...

Hilarious! Would love to experience them in person!