Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carsten the Big Boy

Well, we've done it! We moved Carsten to his big boy bed! He's sharing a room with Justin, so they're both having a great time. They're not getting very much sleep, but they are enjoying themselves. We made the transition a several weeks ago.

(As a sidenote, in case you're worried that Carsten looks like a girl, his hair has been cut since that picture...)

And, about 4 weeks ago, one of our cats had a kitten. Mittens is doing well despite her mother's inexperience and general meanness, and the kids are, of course, in love with her. Justin carries her around, and lets her hang on his shirt. She looks a lot like her dad, so we're hoping she hasn't inherited her mother's personality. She's very curious now, and ventures further around the house every day.

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