Thursday, September 10, 2009

Evan's Birthday

Evan had a birthday! Okay, so it was nearly a month ago (not quite, though!). His birthday was August 12th, I just haven't gotten around to getting the pictures posted. Evan had a Puzzle Party. The invitations were cut into puzzle pieces that had to be put together. (I'm certain the parents were thrilled about that.) And we did a puzzle scavenger hunt in the backyard. The kids had to find puzzle pieces and follow the clues to the treasure box.

The cake was also a puzzle- should have used lighter icing, but- live and learn. Anyway, the kids (and adults) were more than happy to eat it.

The pinata was the grand finale, and that's always the favorite activity. After all, it involves lots of candy.

Fortunately, Uncle Sam was there to be sure that the pinata was FINALLY broken.

Even the littlest people had fun.

All in all, Evan had a great time and he is very excited to be five years old!

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