Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lost Maples

The weather here has been really nice.  Sunny, a little cooler.  Too pretty to be indoors!  So the kids and I packed up today and went to Lost Maples.  It's usually a very popular spot in later October and November when the leaves change color.  You can hike and actually pretend that Texas has real seasons!  The park is lovely now as well, and there are so few people that you kind of have the run of the place.

Austin was ensconced in the backpack.  No, that hat didn't last long.

We stopped at every stream and threw rocks.

For most of the hike, Carsten led the pack.  He reminds me of myself at that age.  My dad used to call me his little mountain goat.  I loved to tramp around the woods and up mountains and I still do.  When we went to Lost Maples two years ago, Bryan and I were amazed that Carsten, who was barely three, didn't have to be carried even once.  We lugged an empty child backpack the whole way.  He's very determined, and has strong little legs.

Steffen, on the other hand, well, let's just say he was not quite as into the whole "walking for the sake of walking" thing.

Plus, he was pretty determined to take his shoes off.  He actually did more walking (and less stopping and whining) once he was clad in what he considered appropriate hiking gear.  Maybe he's destined to be one of those barefoot runners.

It didn't take long for Steffen to take over the backpack.

Anticipating this, I had taken the Ergo frontpack along.  Steffen sang the rest of the way.  (Nathan was playing with the camera, so the look on my face is, "What are you doing???")

Hiking works up an appetite, and a picnic lunch hit the spot when we got back.  Nothing like PB&J after a morning in the woods!

Austin got his "hiking" in on the grass near the picnic tables.  Yes, I know his shorts have holes.  Don't judge.  I knew he'd be climbing around in the dirt.  This was not the day for formal wear.

And, they said not to TAKE the rocks, they didn't say you couldn't TASTE them.

We took one last parting group shot, and headed back to the car for the beautiful drive home.

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