Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Austin is an entire year old!  I really can't believe that he's one, but then again, he's walking like a pro and has such a big personality, that he HAS to be at least that old.

Austin was born hours after the end of Yom Kippur last year.  He has been a joy to our family.  When Bryan was in the hospital, we took to calling our Austin Baby our "Baby Barnabas" because he was such an encouragement to us through the entire ordeal.  His smile continues to lift my spirits every day.

Bryan's Favorite Picture of Austin Baby

Here's a rundown of my little man at one:

Favorite food: Sweet potatoes (He's finally starting to eat solids pretty well.)
Favorite phrase: Uh-oh!  (Also his only phrase.)
Favorite toy: Anything that can be hurled across the room (Duck!)
Special talents:  Getting around the gate on the stairs
Word that best describes Austin: Precious

Happy Birthday, Austin Baby!

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Debbie M said...

Wow! Such a big boy now! Happy Birthday, Little Man, Austin!