Monday, March 11, 2013


Megan turned ten!

Ten always seems like a big birthday.  Double digits.  I remember being quite grown up when I was ten.  Kids these days must be getting younger.  Megan, though, really seems ten.  She's grown up so much in the past year.

When she was tiny, she was either laughing or screaming her head off.  Now, she's bubbly and energetic, with no trace of the emotional swings she had as a wee one.  (There's hope for all of you who are raising baby drama queens!)

She's a girly-girl in the midst of all her brothers.  When she was little, she would say, "My pink!"  She knew that if it was pink, it must be hers.  

She loved her dolls (still does) and, of course, her cats (still does.)

Megan is a great big sister.

And her brothers adore her and always have.

Here's a look at Megan at TEN:

Favorite Foods:  Spaghetti, Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Favorite Books:  Chronicles of Narnia, especially The Last Battle
Favorite Movie:  High School Musical
Favorite Things:  Cats, Aunt Sara, friends, cats, American Girl dolls, cats
Activities:  Gymnastics (12 hours a week of it and still loves it!), Keeping brothers in line
Goals:  Get that kip!

Check out Megan's blog!

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leslie said...

Happy birthday Megan! Gabby can relate to "get that kip"...and American girl dolls and cats. :) It would be great to get them together over the summer some time...when they aren't in gymnastics that is