Saturday, March 16, 2013


Justin turned seven!

It's hard to believe that the little guy was born that many years ago.  Justin surprised everyone by coming two weeks early, after a difficult labor.  He wanted to make sure everyone knew that he was going to turn our world upside down!  From the beginning, he was a fighter.  He was born with the cord wrapped around his neck, his chest, his arm, and his leg.  (The midwife said that it was the longest cord she'd ever seen.)  The poor little guy was a bit dusky-colored, and we had to wrap him and hold him for hours because he couldn't maintain his temperature.

 And he pretty much just nursed and slept for the first several days. 

 After that, though, he woke up and started to take life by the horns.

He started crawling when he was only 5 months old.  He quickly learned to grab the older kids' toys, pop them in his mouth, and race off on all fours.  He was so fast that they couldn't catch him!

Justin is an explorer.  He's always getting himself into some sort of scrape.  He climbs trees, picks play-fights with the bigger boys, and runs around the yard with sticks.  When he was three, I put him down for a nap and then looked out the window a little while later.  There he was, running around outside.  He had climbed out the window!

Because he's so active, he's also always pretty beat-up looking.  Scratches, bruises, black eyes- he's always got something to show for all of his fun.  A couple years ago, he was looking at all of his "marks," and he said, "I used to be fresh and new.  But now, I'm damaged."  He looks okay to me, though!

Here's a look at Justin at seven:

Favorite Food:  Cake
Favorite Animal:  Horses
Favorite Toy:  Lego Ninjago
Dislikes:  Being inside, sitting still, cleaning under his bed
Word that Best Describes Justin: Scrappy

 Happy Birthday, Justin!

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Meagan said...

the picture of Justin with the spoon in his mouth looks like Austin!