Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moving On

Well, I packed up all of our stuff, sold the old house and bought a new one.  We moved in a week ago Saturday and all I have to say is...


Words can't express how grateful I am to my wonderful church family and friends!  That was the easiest moving day I've ever experienced (and I've experienced quite a few.)  Fifteen guys (I'm guesstimating- they never stayed still long enough for me to count them) got all of my furniture and boxes moved in less than five hours.

(Sorry about wanting the couches upstairs!  But they do fit just right in the gameroom...)

They even moved the kids' playground (had to take down a portion of the fence for that)

and hooked up my washer and dryer

and then there were the guys who stayed and went the extra marathon ("extra mile" isn't descriptive enough) and put together the kids' beds and bookshelves for me.  Gotta love directions with no words!  It's like playing Pictionary- "Ummm, long plank screwed to flat!  I've got it!  Medium plank with small peg to flat board!!  Yes!"

A few days later, an amazing bunch of women made quick work of cleaning my old house and getting it ready for the new owners.  A few didn't make the photo, but are no less appreciated.  (Thanks for the picture, Donna!)

Young ones helped too!  

My aunt Marina flew in for the week to lend a hand.  Couldn't have done it without her!  She left a week ago Wednesday and we all miss her already.  Somehow Carsten didn't understand that she was leaving for good, and Thursday morning he said, "She's still not back?  I thought she was coming back!"

The unpacking is done (minus the study- thank you, Ikea, for failing to put the right pieces in the bookshelf box.)  Now I'm painting and rearranging and deciding how things should be organized.  Nathan has gotten us all up and running as far as our technology goes.  He also put the last of the furniture together.  All the kids are busy making friends in the neighborhood and exploring the area.

And for the men who had the bet going as to which kid would be out in the greenbelt first- it was actually Carsten!  (My money was on Justin.  You never can tell.)

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