Monday, February 6, 2012

Nap Time!

I read somewhere that the day after the Super Bowl is one of the least productive working days of the year. I don't know if that's true, but it was certainly threatening to be so around here.

Now, it's not because we actually WATCH the Super Bowl. We're not a sports-oriented family. This year, however, we were invited to a Super Bowl party, and the kids were determined to go. And go they did. I stayed home to take care of Baby Austin who has a little cough, and Bryan took the rest of the crew. They played with their friends and ate junk food, and they finally got back home after 9!

Nine o'clock is a late night for the kiddos. Especially when the next day is Monday morning. I decided to let them sleep in, but that probably wasn't the best decision. I don't know that it really gave them more energy, and it certainly put us behind ALL day.

So that's where nap time comes in. Every day in our house, we have a quiet time in the afternoons. Not everyone sleeps, but everyone has the opportunity to chill out for awhile alone. That is an important part of the "Keep Mommy (and everyone else) Sane" Program.

As we went through the morning, struggling to make up for lost time, with impatience flaring on all sides, we finally arrived at nap time. I read aloud to the kids, and then, with everyone in their designated nap time spots, peace descended upon the household. It was a beautiful thing to behold!

After nap, I gave the kids some time to play, and then, we jumped back into working with a will, and with far more patience than we had had this morning. All the kids' laundry got done, school was finished, and the house was clean.

So, when the going gets tough- take a nap!

Cowboy boots optional.

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