Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They All Look Alike

People frequently tell me that all of my kids look alike. They've asked me how I tell their baby pictures apart, or my (least) favorite comment: "Do you have a cookie cutter in your womb? Because all your babies are carbon copies."

Mixed metaphors aside, I, of course, don't think they look exactly alike. I mean, they do look like siblings (with one exception), but all of them are so different in personality and expression, that I fail to see the sameness that everyone else sees.

So, now let's put this to the ultimate test: the side-by-side comparison. Pictures of each of our little guys (and one girl) around the four to five month time period. Who does Austin really look the most like, or do they all, in fact, look just like each other?

So here is the latest edition, Austin Baby:

And his oldest brother, Nathan:

And the one and only girl in the bunch:

Good thing she has hair now!

Then there's Evan:

And Justin:


And finally, Steffen (with Justin- it gets harder and harder to get pictures of just one child at at time):

What's funny is how alike or different each one looks now! I mean, Carsten looks exactly like he did when he was a baby, but Megan looks nothing like she did then. Steffen is so round! And they're all (with the exception of Carsten) so bald! I love those bald little baby heads. (For the record, that comes from my side of the family, despite how much everyone always says they look like Bryan. He was born needing a haircut.)

I'm really undecided on which one looks most like Austin. I was going to say he looks most like Nathan, perhaps just because they have the same coloring, but when I compare the pictures, I'm leaning more toward Steffen, though Austin isn't quite as round.

Now, who has a look all his own? That would be Carsten. My dad says it's a good thing we had him at home, because he doesn't have that "mark" that all the other kiddos do. I kind of think he favors my mom's side of the family.

Well, whether they're carbon copies or not, we think they're all beautiful babies!


leslie said...

I think they all look different from each other they each have their own distinct look but i have seen them so often that I guess I have an unfair advantage! :) I would say that Austin looks most like Justin opinion. :)


Aimee said...

It's true that once you get to know them, they just look different! It's those little personalities.

Aimee said...
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