Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Cheerier Post

I was writing another blog post, and Nathan, reading over my shoulder as usual, informed me that this blog is too sad, and that I should write about something else.  Like our daily lives.  So here you have it...

We had a small, informal birthday party for Evan on Sunday.  His "real" birthday was a little lame since all the kids were recovering from a stomach bug.

Evan loves pugs.  We don't have a pug, but if it were up to Evan, we would.  Bryan never understood his obsession with the little smashed-faced dogs, but he did make sure that Evan got a Webkinz pug.  Bryan called him "Bruiser Dog."  I think Evan calls him "Pugsley."  Wait, I'm being corrected by the kids over my shoulder- there are twin Webkinz pugs- Bruiser and Pugsley.  Webkinz is a big thing around here, particularly since it allows the kids to "connect" with friends that might be online at the same time.

When I made the cake, Evan suggested that I add the words, "Hug a Pug," after the Webkinz song of the same title.  You've never listened to "Hug a Pug"?  Then, you, my friend, are missing out on a very fine musical arrangement.  Steffen can sing it quite well, and it's the sort of song that sticks with you, playing through your mind in an endless loop.

So, Hug a Pug it was, and Evan had a great party.

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leslie said...

I don't think Nathan is right here. I think it is more healing for everyone, especially you if you just share what is on your heart. We all want a glimpse of how you are doing, nobody would expect you to be cheery.