Thursday, August 9, 2012

Larry Boy

Steffen loves VeggieTales.  Our family generally tries to limit TV viewing, but when a babysitter shows up, my kids know that they'll get to watch a few programs.  And we've had a lot of babysitting help lately, so Steffen has watched lots and lots of VeggieTales.  He especially likes the superhero ones with Larry Boy- the amazing cucumber with super-suction ears.  He can recite whole passages.  (Who needs Shakespeare?)

In fact, he has now decided that he IS Larry Boy.  And for some reason, he's also decided to wear cowboy boots, even with shorts.  I'm not quite sure how cucumbers and cowboys really go together, but in his mind, they do.  He corrects us when we call him "Steffen."  "No, I'm.... Larry Boy...." he says, throwing his arms out to the sides for emphasis.

Steffen is at that delightful and exasperating two year old stage.  He's extremely verbal, and he thinks he's an adult, with all of the rights and privileges that entails.  It's very funny to see how his mind works.

The other day, we were at another family's home for dinner.  We were praying before the meal, holding hands in a circle, with Steffen in between me and one of his brothers.  The very instant the dad said, "Amen," Steffen let go of my hand, and decked his brother.  "Why did you do that?!" I asked, shocked at the sudden "violence."  "He was squeezing my hand- like this- the whole time!" he replied, demonstrating.  Apparently, he had been patiently awaiting that "amen."

Then, this weekend, I decided to order pizza as a special treat.  (Read: I was too lazy to make dinner.)  Now, ordering pizza used to be Bryan's area of expertise.  I did let them get soda (it was free), but I failed to get those little greasy dessert sticks.  When everyone got to the end of their pizza, there was some disappointment about that.  Steffen jumped up, ran out of the house and down the driveway, hollering, "Hey, pizza guy, you forgot our dessert!"

That's right, Steffen, blame it on the pizza guy.


Debbie M said...

I so love your style of writing that includes so much honesty and humor! I guess I just admire you in so many ways! That's just added to my long list.

I will be the first to buy your book when it comes out! :o)

Love you all. You are in my prayers.

leslie said...

That is funny! Paul also went through a time of donning cowboy boots and shorts, but he was a lot older than 2. :) I think the cowboy boots just make them feel tough and the shorts, well, it's just hot here in Texas ;)