Monday, August 13, 2012


Evan turned eight yesterday.

Every time one of the kids has a birthday, I find myself thinking, "Where did the time go?"  The years just slip by so quickly.

Evan was our first baby born at home.  And he was due July 31st.  We thought he was never going to come.  He was just showing the first insight into his personality.  Evan is never in a hurry.  He goes through life in his own little world, enjoying the process without worrying too much about the destination.  He does not like to be rushed, and he notices many things that the rest of us overlook.

Evan loves to be silly.  He always has.  He laughed aloud at six weeks, and things have been cracking him up ever since.

I pray that joy always defines him.

Happy Birthday, Evan!


leslie said...

Happy birthday Evan!

Debbie M said...

Happy Birthday Evan! What a great picture of Bryan and Evan! Love it!

I'm still wanting to come visit one day...just trying to figure out which day!! Kisses & hugs all around.