Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today Bryan and I spent a good deal of time talking about the earliest days of his hospitalization.  He really doesn't remember most of what happened the first five days.  We even shared some funny stories: his iPhone got taken out with the laundry the first day in the hospital.  That's only funny because I found it before it got washed. Recounting those events was such a crystal clear reminder of how far we've come.

When we encounter difficulties, especially long trials, it's easy to forget the good things that the Lord has done already.  For example, although Bryan still has significant bone pain, we were reminded today that when he went into the hospital, the pain in his ribs was so severe, he couldn't take a deep breath.  He and I decided to make a list of the little miracles that the Lord is working out as we wait for the ultimate "big miracle" of complete healing.  God's faithfulness in the little things should remind us of His complete control over all things.

We've had to make a decision on how to approach Bryan's treatment.  We both firmly believe that maintaining his quality of life and maximizing his time with the family is a very important factor.  Because of that, we've decided against aggressive (and risky) treatment in favor of a more mild chemo course.  ("Mild" seems like a misnomer when it comes to chemo.)  It's our desire to see him get better while he spends time with the kids and continues to work and just live a normal life.

Bryan is learning how to manage his pain, and I know that will make life much more bearable for the next few months.  His counts, though still low, are rising, and the doctor is impressed with his recovery from the first round of chemo.  Bryan has a new-found courage and determination that is heartening to me. 

Now we just need to get him home! 

1 Thessalonians 5:18
"In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God,
        in Christ Jesus, concerning you."

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Amy said...

Aimee and Bryan,

Praying for you guys daily and loving you from afar. Aimee, I trust you remember all the things from "Healing Cancer From Inside Out" and are doing as you can what you can . . . . Bryan should take superfoods as he can (e.g. BarleyLife) to strengthen himself, etc., etc. I'd be happy to share my contact who helped us so much with the natural approach (he has lots of out of town clients) if you'd be interested. Email me at to get in touch if I can be of any help. Trusting in Yeshua for His care of your family and healing touch,